Project: Represent the Atlantis - Utility Rate Tariff Negotiation with Bahamas Electric Corporation
Annual Energy Savings: Atlantis received a discounted rate off of their utility rate tariff for the purchase of electric energy
Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas

Metro Energy Solutions was retained by the Atlantis to represent the Atlantis in a rate tariff negotiation with the Bahamas Electric Corporation ("BEC"). Metro Energy services provided included:

Evaluate the Atlantis energy profile (current and projected).

Evaluate the current BEC tariff and analyze the utility model for development of the tariff(s).

Prepare a benchmarking evaluation that will research and compare electric utility rates currently paid by resorts of similar size elsewhere in the Caribbean and the U.S.

Develop a "priority plan" of goals that Atlantis would like to achieve, including reliability, power quality, and cost of power.

Develop a specific agenda including economical alternatives to utility power, such as demand side management and onsite generation for peak and base loads.

Begin a working forum with the utility to present proposed "off tariff agreements", incentives, rebates etc. that meet the intended goals.

Continue process as new legislative or energy pricing changes occur.

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