Cogeneration Plant
Plant Size: 60kW
kWh Provided: 460,000
Annual Energy Savings: $4,576
Caldwell Cost to Install: $0

Metro Energy Solutions entered into an   energy purchase agreement with the Borough of Caldwell (Caldwell) to provide electricity and hot water at a discount.  Metro Energy Solutions developed a cogeneration project whereby a third party will own and operate a 60 kW cogeneration system for the purpose of displacing a portion of the new community centers  electricity and thermal load for energy cost savings.  Caldwell had to make no capital investment, all costs for the cogeneration system were borne by the third party owner and operator.

For the next 12 years the Borough of   Caldwell will receive a guaranteed 15% discount on all electric and thermal energy provided by the cogeneration system. The new 60 kW cogeneration unit will provide approximately 460,000 kWh per year for the term of the agreement and over $50,000 in energy cost savings.