Project: Lighting and Sensors Project
kW Saved: 148.51
kWh Saved: 1,109,236
Annual Energy Savings: $185,515
Utility Incentive: $63,233
Project Cost: $461,054

Loews Cineplex Entertainment, located in New York, NY contracted Metro Energy Solutions to assist them in assessing the existing mechanical and electrical equipment at (9) New York Theatres. Loews Cineplex was looking to improve their facility infrastructure and reduce operating and maintenance costs. 

Based on the information obtained at the facility audit, Metro Energy Solutions performed a lighting retrofit of 3,906 inefficient lighting fixtures with new T-8 lamps and electronic ballasts, as well as installed new LED exit signs throughout the facility. Metro Energy Solutions  also installed occupancy sensors in specified areas of the theatres to increase energy savings. The lighting retrofit will not only reduce energy costs for Loews Cineplex, but will also reduce maintenance costs.  Loews Cineplex self-financed the project and will achieve a 2.14 year payback. 

Metro Energy Solutions was responsible for enabling Loews Cineplex to capture over $63,000 in available utility incentives for these projects from NYSERDA. The new lighting system and occupancy controls will reduce Loews Cineplex Entertainments energy costs by approximately $186,000.