Project: Comprehensive Facility Assessment
Annual Energy Savings: $854,676
Annual O&M Savings: $11,028
Utility Incentive: $ 84,577
Capital Cost: $2,804,129
State of New Jersey Energy Consultant NJN Building

Metro Energy was selected as the State of New Jersey's Energy Consultant. As the Energy Consultant to the State, Metro Energy is tasked with performing comprehensive facility assessments and providing construction management services.

As an example Metro Energy performed a facility assessment of the New Jersey Network Center Building in Trenton, New Jersey.

The New Jersey Network Center is approximately 105,000 square feet and includes offices, studios, conference rooms, graphics department, news room, maintenance, security and satellite offices. The facility currently is provided heating and cooling through a central steam loop and utilizes packaged rooftop air handlers with heating and cooling coil sections to distribute heating and cooling throughout the building. Electricity is provided by the local utility.

Metro Energy identified Eleven (11) energy and water conservation measures including the installation of a photovoltaic (solar) power system. The technologies included: lighting and occupancy sensors, transformers, demand response, desiccant dehumidification system, HVAC controls, motors with variable frequency drives, energy efficient hot and chilled water systems, demand controlled ventilation and water conservation measures (low flow water closets and aerators for faucets).

The recommended energy and water conservations will save more than $850,000 in annual energy and water utility costs. The solar power system will provide 12,000 kWh of "Green" renewable energy.

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