Project: Lighting Retrofit and Occupancy Sensor Project
kW Saved: 98.51
kWh Saved: 279,488
Annual Energy Savings: $36,868
Utility Incentive: $9,090
Project Cost: $124,595

Syms Corporation, a leading men's retailer located in Secaucus, New Jersey contracted Metro Energy Solutions to; 1) increase the light levels in its facility for its employees, 2) save money on their energy costs through energy efficiency and 3) take advantage of any utility incentives available.

Metro Energy Solutions conducted a lighting audit of the 340,000 square foot facility. Metro Energy Solutions replaced (936) inefficient lighting fixtures throughout the warehouse with energy efficient fluorescent lighting fixtures.  The installation included; 1) replacing T-12 fluorescent lighting with standard magnetic ballasts with T-8 lighting with electronic ballasts and; 2) replacing the existing 1000-watt metal halide fixtures with T-5 lighting with built-in occupancy sensors.  In addition, Metro Energy Solutions installed lighting occupancy sensors in specified office areas to turn lights off when those areas were not occupied.

Metro Energy Solutions worked closely with the host electric utility for Syms Corporation through the New Jersey SmartStart Building Program to capture financial incentives for the installation of the energy efficient equipment of over $9,000.